Built on precision

Affiniti Construction is a multi-disciplined, privately owned construction company operating in British Columbia for both private and commercial clients. We deliver revolutionary, technology-led and market-leading construction, extension and refurbishments.

We are transforming the industry by fast tracking vendor–client communication.Using the latest precision technology, we significantly minimize the time and risks associated with large and small construction projects. With our technical and analytical expertise, communication improves radically. We affect change that delivers an outcome of exceptional quality while circumventing typical time and budget issues.

Transforming the industry

Technology forward

Through the latest 3D precision laser and online collaboration technology we are able to relieve the pain points of any construction job.

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Solution Orientated

The way we operate is geared towards overcoming problems with the best solutions, created via improved and seamless collaboration.

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Affiniti uses BIM 360 software to reduce project risks and allow project teams to collaborate more effectively. Our contractors and personnel get real-time access to the most recent versions of digital plans and documents.

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